Thursday, September 25, 2008


The warm weather has pretty much died. Now its time for heavier sauces, foie gras and figs. What makes a chef seasonal. If Tacoma were to roll out the red carpet for new cuisine (good food), what will happen to the waterfront? How long do the blue hairs live and why are we killing the experience with crap food, old food, old ways, old stereotypes and old assumptions that "If it worked than , than it will work now." Someone started that trend before, and before that was a trend. Right? Yes. It's time for young and innovative chefs to step up. Read the reviews...."Food was average, food was bad, food was great but service bad, and so on.." So what we live in the Northwest, Koreans still own Sushi restaurants and Herfy's Burgers. Beat that.

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Tacomachefs said...

Some of the greatest chefs and owners I've worked for, were always open to change. You have to be in this buisness...Broden your vision, without losing to speak. Tacoma rolling out a fancy-ass red carpent for new cuisine isn't a moment but a process and your apart of it.
I don't think that people will ever discover that the waterfront puts out sub-par food, maybe they realize it and don't care because the view wins them over. Who knows really. One this is truth, Tacoma will never be a Chicago or New York in a food sence but that's what makes it Tacoma, No?