Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brioche and Chillies

I have been playing around with different flavors of spicy and buttery. I came up with a good balance of filipino banana sauce and red chili sauce, brioche and aged cheddar grilled cheese with granny smith apples for tartness. The brioche took about 4 hours.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


As most of you might know here I have a new business endeavor called SushiFuse. Full on sushi bar that caters to pretty much wherever I can. ::
SushiFuse is a company out of Tacoma Washington that will bring sushi to your event. The SushiFuse chef comes to your event and sets up a personal sushi bar where you and your guests can gather around and watch your sushi be made fresh in front of you. All of our chefs are classically trained in the basic kitchen skills and from there they bring their own culinary background experience and creativity to the craft of making sushi. All of our fish, produce, and condiments are either sourced locally or from the highest quality sources we can find. We do things un-traditional or traditional depending on our customers’ demands. We bring the convenience and freshness to you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surfing chef

I was skating the S-ledges a couple of weeks ago and happened to spot a guy out in the water with a paddle board. If you all don't know what that is, well its a board that is like a surfboard in concept but weighs about 500lbs and you stand up on it while paddling. I think this is going to be huge here. Its huge in Hawaii. Like people get sponsored to ride these on huge waves and push the sport. I think this is alot like being a chef.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sushi Or Death

Alright so I added a new Blog site to my own. It is called Sushi Or

Friday, July 10, 2009


So I went to hawaii 3 months ago to visit my long time brother Jon. Yes, mainly to surf but more so to get away from my life at home. But another huge reason was to discover different culture and lifestyle while i suck down Kona beer in midday on waikiki strip. From silver statues trying to hustle the average joe tourist to the all but pretty tokyo women walking around in striped shirts like they own the world. Wheres the japanese waldo? There she is..But that is besides the case. I learned that you are never to far from the mediocre food you see at home that you were trying to escape. Yes they have Walmart in Hawaii...I mean Oahu...I mean practically in the redlight district of Waikiki. Oh and did I mention the brand new Target with a shining Pizza Hut express. The majority of Waikiki is Japanese, A lot of Japanese. So many my brothers G/F is well Okinawan. I'd imagine I would have the same reaction if I actually were in Japan. But don't be bothered, take advantage of it. Yes the local grind is good, but its the hole in the wall poke shop with the little old Japanese lady that made it worth the thousand mile flight. P.S. most of it talking to a shaman. As you walk into the poke shop off Kapahulu rd. you can't help but notice the hard work that this veteran Obachan has poured into her business and way of making money. She says only a few words and than your off, steaming rice with cold perfectly seasoned poke. Poke for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


So I have ventured away from blogging a little as you can see and now I am back in full force...If you get my drift.